Jewelrix is a powerful and fully responsive template running on Magento 2 framework. 最适合珠宝网店, 它也可以调整到适合美丽, fashion, 还有很多其他的...
Sales: 187
Support: 4.2/5
We believe that jewels don't need additional decorations, so our designers created a rather minimal environment to place your collection into. This way the products you present will catch visitors'...
Sales: 37
Support: 3.1/5
JewelryTown Magento主题
JewelryTown是一个完全响应的珠宝Magento模板,将在各种上一代设备上看起来令人惊叹. Its clean layout style was enhanced with the parallax scrolling...
Sales: 13
Support: 3.1/5
这个手工珠宝Magento模板的优雅响应设计使其非常适合创建一个时尚和引人注目的在线商店. Fluid visual effects powered by HTML + JS...
Sales: 43
Support: 3.1/5
This Jewelry Shop Magento design template is Responsive What is it?这实际上是页面布局根据屏幕宽度改变的能力. 为什么好??响应设计...
Sales: 13
Support: 3.1/5
这种精致干净的主题具有引人入胜的设计,是任何类型的时尚商店精心制作的基础. Its welcoming design is based on large retina-ready images perfect for displaying...
Sales: 41
Support: 3.1/5
Today, handmade jewelry is a musthave for people who follow fashion trends, 但同时又想与众不同. That's why it's a good time to start selling your jewelry online. 我们的模板...
Sales: 9
Support: 3.1/5
Selling fine jewelry is only part of the story. 愉快和有趣的网上购物体验是什么可以使任何企业的成功. All this is possible with the help of design demonstrated...
Sales: 9
Support: 3.1/5
SM阳光-是一个非常强大和灵活的高级Magento 2主题响应式设计. Specially perfectly fits trendy shoes store, sneakers, joggers, fashion
Sales: 2
Support: 3.3/5

Best Jewelry 线上购物的主题 for Your Online Store

The site's development begins with studying the features of the direction, 目标受众, 竞争环境. An online store must meet many requirements. One of them is opportunities to scale the business. 你的资源应该适应增加访问者的数量,处理许多订单.

Proper site development and optimization increase the number of customers. 销售有赖于员工的专业精神和对业务发展的兴趣. 不理解“服务”一词的含义或不知道如何与客户合作的经理或顾问能够使SEO或上下文广告的所有努力无效, 为推广品牌而制作. 严格招聘和立即解雇不符合既定标准的人是令人不快的,但却是极其重要的任务. Professional and interested in achieving maximum efficiency, employees are the most important factor of success.

But what if we tell you about a very simple way guaranteed to get a great website? Take a look at our collection of Jewelry Magento templates. This is a ready-made website with a wonderful design.

The Features You Get with Jewelry Design Shop 线上购物的主题

By choosing our Jewelry Magento templates, 除了伟大的设计, you will get a cool set of features for your website, such as:

响应设计. 这意味着网页改变其形状和大小以适应任何特定的显示屏幕, from the tiniest devices to the largest Laptop screens. Web page components get bigger or greatly reduced to look perfect for any device. Mobiles drive 80% of worldwide Internet utilization. 这是至关重要的,帮助使您的网站响应,如果你不想失去你目前的客户.

视差动画. 视差是一种前端视觉方法,与图像移动速度比背景慢有关,以产生“深度”印象. 视差滚动效果令人惊叹,吸引用户的视线到图片和内容模块.

搜索引擎友好. 在搜索引擎结果页面上的高排名有很多好处:更多的自然流量, 不需要广告, 更好的声誉, etc. Therefore, our Drink OpenCart templates are all search engine friendly. 这意味着你不必担心制作一个好的搜索引擎网站-你只需要用很棒的内容填满它.

Bootstrap is a range of instruments with an open-source code. It is suitable for building websites and web apps with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Bootstrap使用相同的代码库将您的任何网站从智能手机扩展到台式电脑. It makes the web developing process faster and easier.

技术支持. 每个珠宝Magento模板都有六个月的免费24小时技术支持. Is there a problem that needs to be resolved? Just open a chat client to contact one of our professional consultants instantly. 他们很乐意在任何时候提供帮助. Our topics also have complete technical documentation, so you can learn everything you need to know about your website.

Who Can Use Jewelry Magento eCommerce Themes?

The way the products are presented speaks much louder than any words. 这就是为什么选择具有有效视觉吸引力和良好功能的在线商店. 所有这些都可以在优雅的Magento珠宝主题中找到-现成的电子商务解决方案,将珠宝业务带到网上.

这些主题具有使商店在其他商店中引人注目的力量,并为其带来不断增长的销售额. Magento gemstones templates feature the list and grid view of the products. jQuery滑块与全尺寸背景图像旨在以最有效的方式呈现特色奢侈品. 这些设计的干净和清晰的风格与产品的重点是一个完美的适合网上珠宝店.


Magento是一个流行的开源内容管理系统,专注于开发在线商店. This CMS is based on PHP and ZendFramework technologies. Magento系统是非常方便的管理员和用户(买家)的网站.

Thanks to a large set of tools and extensive functionality, Magento is in demand among online store developers. Magento现在是Ebay Inc .的一部分.

Magento引擎是相当灵活的,允许您大大多样化的系统,并作出任何细微的调整. 这就是为什么它与具有特殊销售经验和特定客户需求的大型在线商店兼容.

但这并不意味着这个内容管理系统不能用于小型商业网站. The point here is that Magento is very demanding on resources, 因此, it is not economically feasible to create a small storefront on it. 毕竟,在开发这个CMS时,您将需要在托管资源上花费更多的钱. In addition, you will have to buy a domain and pay for the development team's time.

因此,只有当有真正的理由时,才值得选择Magento而不是其他选择. The main reason is that you are running a large-scale business.

And creating a site on Magento can bring a lot of surprises. 即使在使用引擎多年后,开发人员也会注意到它的新特性和功能.

Jewelry Magento templates are great for growing your online business.


Is it possible to resell Jewelry Magento Templates on my website?

Unfortunately, reselling ready-made themes is forbidden. What you can do is to purchase the preferable item, host it, change the content and sell it as a ready product. Feel free to check the affiliate program. 每卖出一笔,你都能得到一笔可观的佣金.

How to find the best Jewelry Magento Template?

Please, use the filters on the left sidebar. 在开始之前,你需要确定网站的主要目的、风格和预算. You will be able to filter the products by price, tags, features, 语言支持, 珠宝Magento兼容性, and more. Check the Demo Version to see the overall look and the functionality.

How do I browse websites that already use your Jewelry Magento templates?

你不能. We maintain the privacy of our customers.

How do I sell my Jewelry Magento themes for Jewelry on your website?

转到开始销售页面. 你会发现所有的条件.

Best eCommerce Tools for Magento Jewelry Themes

我们收集了10+有用的工具,为您的珠宝设计商店Magento商店,将帮助您增加销售和改善客户体验. Watch a video and choose your perfect way to make conversions higher. 适合珠宝商,耳环,手镯,项链,和护身符商店Magento项目.